Happy New Year 2013!

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Happy New Year 2013 folks! New year, new blog template! Oh well, I just feel like giving a whole new look to my boring blog. Finally came up with something of my own... Wanted something which reflects me, and I think this template is quite good! Yes, I am praising myself, hahaha! *pat myself on the back*

Anyway it has been very long since I last blogged. Didn't realise how time passes so quickly and another year has gone by... just like that *snaps fingers*

2012 has been an interesting year for me, but I would really hope 2013 will bring me more good news. Goodbye 2012 and hello 2013!

Langkawi Island

Posted at Friday, June 01, 2012 1 comment(s)
Three of my colleagues and I went for a weekend gateway to Langkawi Island two months ago. It was my first time to Langkawi, and I was really excited. It was a fantastic holiday, since it's my first one of the year. Ahhh... Relaxation and beaches!

Below are some photos taken with my Nikon D90.

Eagle feeding time / Eagle watching

Eagles resting on the mangroves...

Another beach in Langkawi

Can you see people "walking" on water to get to the small island on the right?

The famous Suspension Bridge - a must go for a spectacular view!

Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

Too Busy...

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I haven't been playing with my Nikon D90 for a while now. That's why there isn't any recent post on my photography. Even if I did have some photographs, they are not really for my photography collections. There are for my personal collection :).

Anyway will definitely upload more photos when I have more time and more collection from my D90 *wink wink*

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